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Our objective is to improve and strengthen our company, our partners and the economic location of Germany and Europe. Instead of focusing on short-term profit maximization, we are interested in creating a long-term success.



We take our work seriously and produce games with the greatest degree of professionalism. Instead of relying on the opinions of others, we refer to our own extensive video game experience, profound knowledge of the entertainment industry in terms of our intuition for style, target audiences and game enjoyment.



Besides our emphasis on a strong family and friendly like approach, we also understand that clear positions and logical decisions are extremely important. Personal preferences do not influence our project decisions. Furthermore, our decisions are not subject to everyday policy changes, but hold an objective and steady course.

About us
RCP Team


...an independent, international active production house which focuses on mediation, development and production of entertainment software.


...Europe's biggest developer family with extensive experience and a wide range of contacts, providing an important interface between developers, publishers, distributors and investors.


...significant services in the core competences of business development, production, sales, creative services and research all of which play a vital role in the development of our projects.


...in young, talented teams and startups. Here we execute strategic advice along with operational tasks to ensure success.

Our Services

Business Development

Assisting with company foundations and financing

Advice on structure, strategy and synergy

Structuring, organizing and planning teams

Assisting in company formation and financing

Management of external experts (legal, finance,etc.)

Creative Services

Creation, evaluation and revisioning of Game Design

Translation, enhancing and proofreading of texts

Researching and developing story and setting

Art Direction und visual conception

Interface and interaction design

Research & Analytics

Analyzing Market-Trends

Forecasting Sales

Evaluation of target groups

Market and feasibility studies

Collecting, processing and analyzing market data


Executive producing / producing / project management

Functioning as a communication and control interface

Performing independent due diligences

Evaluation, mediation and management of outsourcing partners

Preparation and review of plans for milestones, projects and resources

Buildup, integration and optimization of QA

Marketing & PR

Branding, brand management and rebranding

Development of PR and marketing strategies

Design and production of video-trailers

Organization support of conferences and trade show appearances


Pitching and presenting projects

Brokering work-for-hire projects

Budgeting and planning projects

Mediation between licensors and production partners

Evaluation and revisioning of pitching material

50+ Satisfied Clients.

12K+ Working Days.

26K+ Mugs of Coffee.

The rcp family

As a customer of remote control productions you have at your disposal a national and international network in the game industry, from producing, consulting, developing, planning, financing through to realization.

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The following list provides an overview of current RCP family members - development studios were rcp holds shares.

Chimera Entertainment

Chimera Entertainment

is the largest development studio within the rcp developer network with a strong focus on mobile games, online games and cross-platform development. With »Angry Bird Epic«, released in June 2014, Chimera Entertainment achieved its most recent international success. Awarded with the LARA Startup Award in 2007, Chimera now employs over 35 people in the heart of Munich. Since its foundation in 2006, the studio has developed more than 20 titles across five platforms, including the successful browser-based MMO »Warstory – Europe in Flames«, the iOS game „Demolition Dash«, winner of the German Developer Award 2011 in the category Best Mobile Game, as well as the iOS puzzle game and nominee for Best Mobile Game of the German Computer Game Awards 2012 »Happy Hills«. Furthermore, Chimera’s word-puzzle meets RPG-game called »Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel«, that was successfully funded by the FFF and the Bavarian government and released in 2012 for iOS and PC, won Best Mobile Game at the German Computer Games Awards 2013. The studio works with a continuously growing, highly flexibe team and is well-experienced in the deployment of various middleware technologies. Chimera Entertainment is official developer for Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.


it matters Games

it Matters Games

is a game development studio based in Berlin that was founded in October 2011 by Jens Kortboyer and Hendrik Lesser. Goal of the studio is to develop interactive entertainment software with a focus on games with serious topics. Complex educational or ecological issues will be playfully and interactively presented to gamers. In addition to developing its own IPs, iMG implements work for hire. Since its foundation, it Matters Games developed several games for high-profile clients, such as »My Dolphin Show« for Spil Games and »Sidekick Cyle«, a one-touch downhill racer that mixes gaming with charity for the company Global Gaming Initiative. In 2014, iMG released the racing game »GTS Driver« for the client Porsche AG. It Matters Games is primarily active on iOS and Android devices and is currently working on new high-quality mobile games.


Aesir interactive

Aesir interactive

is an independent games developer located in Munich, Germany. Together with strong partners like Samsung, Headup Games, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens Healthcare and Eberhard Sinner already build high quality games for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, HTML5 and SmartTVs. Strong team spirit, clear communication, coordinated workflows and professional project managment lay the foundation for their successful products. Quality and reliance are the most important aspects for every collaboration.


Stillalive Studios

Stillalive Studios

is a young, independent game development studio with the goal to create innovative, dynamic and unique games. The team formed in Innsbruck, Austria as a team of 3 in 2010. Over the following years, the team has grown due to the ambitious nature of the Son Of Nor project and new members from Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Italy, US, and Ecuador have joined the international team of game developers since then. The core focus of stillalive studios team is to make innovative indie core-games for PC, Mac and Linux with special and unique game mechanics. Their first game »Son of Nor« is a single- and multiplayer 3rd person action adventure game for Windows, Mac und Linux set in a desert world where human kind is on the brink of extinction. The studio has been working hard on the development of the game, that was successfully funded on Kickstarer and also was Greenlit and approved for a Early Access phase on Steam. »Son of Nor« is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015.



Wolpertinger Games

was founded by Sebastian Bender and remote control productions in 2010. The team already formed in 2009 at university – developing an early prototype of the innovative 1st-person puzzle platformer Phobos. Wolpertinger Games has the vision of creating games based on highly sophisticated, polished and fun gameplay mechanics. Versatility and flexibility are two of the core values. Working with cutting-edge technology, utilizing agile development and a sound approach to various platforms are basis for the focus on creating fun gameplay for the right audience. These principles are also applied to projects not only meant purely for entertainment. The team also creates fun games for advertisement, information or education purposes. From 2010 to 2012, Wolpertinger Games developed and published two Xbox® LIVE Indie Games, »Quizocalypse« and »Poopocalypse«, worked on two unreleased PlayStation 3 titles, developed the iOS games »Kwizzer« and in cooperation with Chimera Entertainment the mobile game »John Woo’s Bloodstroke«. Wolpertinger Games also lead the development of the Ravensburger signature project for iOS and soon-to-come Android devices »Ravensburger Puzzle«. For over 100 years, Ravensburger has been known as the European market leader for its high-quality puzzles. »Ravensburger Puzzle« unites the traditions and experiences from the physical world of puzzles with the advantages and opportunities of digital media.


TG Nord

TG Nord

was founded in 2007 as game development studio for browser based online games with a focus on builder strategy games. Despite all the passion for the game itself, TG Nord is a team using a very effective development process. Through an agile and interdisciplinary team organization a high productivity as well as high product quality is achieved. In August 2009 the hotel manager game »Wewaii« was published and won several awards from 2009 to 2011, such as the »German Computer Games Award« in the category »Best Online Game«. As additional focus area, TG Nord has been developing serious games for browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices since 2014.




creates interactive media experiences that entertain, challenge and inspire. The development studio, located in Ludwigsburgs, focuses on the development of games and apps for iOS and the web, complimented with their specialist expertise in creating complex story worlds and transmedia concepts. The team bundles many years of experience in game development, programming, media conception, story development and art. Zeitland team members speak and present at conventions such as the fmx, quo vadis and perform workshops for Apps, Games and media concepts.




was established in December 2012 by Martin Schiele, former CEO of the Spil Games Company "qforge". The Nuremberg based company currently employs seven specialists of interaction design, programming and project management. Core skills of NeoBird are development of custom software, interaction design and mechanisms of gamification. NeoBird has top references in tracking and analyzing user behavior and in production and optimization of games for all platforms.




is an independent game development studio based in Salzburg and founded in 2012 consisting of nine recent Masters Degree graduates from the University of Applied Science Salzburg. The young team developed a game as their master project called »Noomix«, a 3rd person puzzle shooter with a strong focus on individual gameplay. Although still in development, »Noomix« has been selected as finalist for the 2013 Unity Awards.






Evolving and democratizing of the existing online gaming systems: TIME2WIN is introducing a gaming platform with revolutionizing features and systems that do not only fit the needs of the 5% professional and semi-professional gamers but give every single gamer a place to play his favorite online games with the constant opportunity to win prize money – no matter how good he is. TIME2WIN is live but still in development by Project C GmbH. The goal of TIME2WIN is to offer eSports fans from around the world an innovative, market-changing platform that features
  • a revolutionary prize money system
  • a trailblazing new rating system
  • a whole new challenge mode
  • Platform based currency (coins) to subsidize goods in our shop - Coins are gathered by playing through the matchmaking tool
  • Even if users lose a match, they receive coins for playing! No losers, only winners!




We are gamers and a team of veterans and pioneers of the gaming industry with great expertise in Production, Product Management, Marketing/PR, User Acquisition, Community Management and Monetization. We are an independent Digital Only Publisher for all significant platforms with a focus on European territories. We love games with a twist. We assist developers during all production processes, starting from the initial concept phase through launch and live phase. As a member of the developer family of remote control productions, we know the needs of developers and assist at all production steps.
The three pillars of our vision are: Publishing, Co-Publishing and Consulting.


Gamify now!

Gamify now!

GAMIFY now! is a subsidiary of remote control productions (rcp) and part of the rcp family, which is Europe’s major independent games developer family. GAMIFY now! specializes in serious games, game based learning and gamification. The use of game design, such as the monetization of games, allows GAMIFY now! to increase the profits, efficieny and costumer loyality as well as employee engagement of any type of business or organization.


Project and Clients

The remote control productions GmbH has implemented numerous projects for their customers. The following excerpt provides an overview of the current and past projects as well as the clients of rcp.

Current Games

Angry Birds Epic

Client: Rovio Entertainment
Team: Chimera Entertainment

Get ready for a bird-tastic FREE RPG adventure filled with “weapons” (whatever they could get ahold of), magic, bad guys and silly hats!

Son of Nor

Publisher: Viva Media
Team: stillalive studios

The world is your weapon! Solve puzzles, venture through long forgotten temples, terraform the desert and fight in challenging battles!


Client: Tivola
Team: it Matters Games

There is a lot to do in the Cathotel! Look after all your cats, so they can return happily to their owners. Now it’s up to you!

Mystery of Neuschwanstein

Client: Astragon
Team: Chimera Entertainment

Experience an exciting crime story at Castle Neuschwanstein full of puzzles and hidden object scenes, based on true historical events from Bavaria!


Client: Tivola
Team: it Matters Games

As the new head, you take the lead of your own dog hotel! Run and expand your hotel and care for cute dogs! Play with them, train them!

Ravensburger Puzzle

Client: Ravensburger Digital
Team: Wolpertinger Games

Ravensburger Puzzle unites the traditions and experiences from the physical world of puzzles with the advantages and opportunities of digital media.

GTS Driver

Client: Porsche AG
Team: it Matters Games

Prove your skill as a test driver: A true mid-engined sports car developed for maximum driving pleasure and a pure driving experience.


Client: Moonshark/Chillingo
Team: Chimera Entertainment

Filmlegend John Woo presents his action-packed mobile debut. Blending brushstroke visuals with John Woo’s balletic violence, Bloodstroke is a must!

Happy Hills 2

Client: dreamfab
Team: Chimera Entertrainment

Free the Happy Hills in challenging physics puzzles and defeat the cheeky blocks that occupy them and their homeland in this challenging physics-based puzzler!

My Dolphin Show

Client: SPIL Games
Team: it Matters Games

Become a sea world star… without even getting wet! Jump through hoops, splash the audience, enjoy super-cute graphics and customise your dolphin with 30 dazzling costumes!

Word Wonders

Client: Games in Flames
Team: Chimera Entertainment

The innovative mix of puzzle and role-playing game, inspired by the classic board game "Scrabble". Awarded "Best Mobile Game" at the German Computer Games Award 2013.


Client: Games in Flames
Team: Chimera Entertainment

The free-to-play MMO strategy game set in World War II. Play together with countless players to fight on the side of the Allies to liberate Europe and to finally free Berlin.

All our games


Impossible Super Ninja

System: iOS, Android | Team: Doublesmith | Publisher: Thumbspire

Son of Nor

System: PC, Mac, Linux | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: Viva Media


System: iOS, Android | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: Tivola

Mystery of Neuschwanstein

System: iOS, Android, PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Astragon


Aktiv mit MS

System: iOS | Team: Zeitland, Wolpertinger Games | Client: Teva GmbH

Bernd das Brot und die Unmöglichen

System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment, Bumm Game | Publisher: deepsilver

ratiopharm Gute Reise

System: iOS | Team: TG Nord | Client: ratiopharm

ONE TEVA (internal)

System: iOS, Android | Team: Zeitland ◊ Client: TEVA GmbH

Angry Birds Epic

System: iOS, Android, WP8 | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

Crash! UFO

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: DeNA

netwars – The Butterfly Attack - Episode 1

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Filmtank / Bastei Luebbe

GTS Driver

System: Browser | Team: it Matters Games| Client: Porsche AG

Aloha Paradise Hotel

System: Browser | Team: TG Nord | Client: TG Nord

John Woo' s Bloodstroke

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Ent. | Client: Moonshark/Chillingo


Sidekick Cycle

System: iOS ◊ Team: itMatters Games ◊ Client: GGI

Happy Hills 2

System: iOS ◊ Team: Chimera Entertainment ◊ Client: dreamfab

My Dolphin Show

System: iOS, Android | Team: itMatters Games | Client: Spil Games


System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Brigit Stock

Sheep Shack

System: iOS | Team: Brightside Games | Client: Just A Game

Rally the World

System: iOS, Android, Browser | Team: Brightside | Client: Aperto/VW

Warstory Europe

System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: RNTS


Happy Hills

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: The9, China

Towers & Dungeons

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Ravensburger Digital

Sara's Cooking Class

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Spil Games

Demolition Dash

System: Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: The9,China

Word Wonders

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Dreamfab

Word Wonders

System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: GamesinFlames


System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Gamesinflames

Mission: Genesis

System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: dtp interactive


Happy Hills

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client:dreamfab

Demolition Dash

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: dreamfab


System: XBLA | Team: Brightside Games | Client: Ubisoft


Greed: Black Border

System: PC | Team: Clockstone | Client:Headup Games


System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Bigpoint

Memory HD

System: iPad | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Ravensburger Digital


System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client: Ravensburger Digital


Ion Assault

System: XBLA | Team: Coreplay | Client:RTL Interactive

Wiesn Fieber

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment

Farm Fieber

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment



System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Client:dtp interactive

Customers of remote control productions

publishing partners of the rcp network & friends

Press & Contact

Current Press Releases

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  • Five new employees at remote control productions

    remote control productions continues to rely on experience and expertise and keeps on growing: Wolfgang Stindl, Stefan Wehler and Jürgen Kayser bolster the productionhouse in three core business areas.

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  • GAMESinFLAMES announces Crush Online

    Publisher GAMESinFLAMES is working with the experienced Korean developer JoyImpact on a client-based MMO with a strong focus on PVP battles featuring MOBA-style combat. The world of Gaia is home to three realms, each populated by thousands of players fighting an endless territory war.

    Show (HTML)Show (PDF)
  • Sky Sharks attack App-Stores

    Having successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign for Sky Sharks, the Brunswick-based design and movie agency Marctropolis landed a huge hit: The crowdfunding-campaign was the first step to make the stylish masterpiece involving Nazis, zombies and flying, rocket-equipped sharks happen. remote control productions secured the exclusive rights to develop the official game for the Nazizombiehorrorsharkploitation-movie Sky Sharks.

    Show (HTML)Show (PDF)
  • Florensia celebrates first anniversary

    One year ago, the client-based online MMORPG Florensia was successfully relaunched internationally. Since then, the user base has quintupled, generating a seven-figure revenue for publisher GAMESinFLAMES.

    Show (HTML)Show (PDF)
  • CatHotel conquers App Stores

    The release of the animal simulator CatHotel has proven to be a big success for German developers it Matters Games and their publisher Tivola: since the global release on January 14th the game has been downloaded more than 700,000 times from the app stores.

    Show (HTML) Show (PDF)
  • remote control productions Finland starts operations

    remote control productions‘ (rcp) expansion to Finland, which kicked off last year, is finished: remote control productions finland is commencing operations starting today. Experienced industry veteran and Chairman of the Board at IGDA Finland Jyri Partanen joins rcp as Managing Director Finland.

    Show (PDF)
  • rcp family stillalive studios announces Drone Swarm

    stillalive studios today announced the development of Drone Swarm, a new and unique sci-fi strategy game for PC and Mac. In the game the player assumes the role of the commander of a gigantic space ship and is in charge of a swarm of thousands of drones that he controls directly and that allows him to use unique tactics when fighting enemy aliens.

    Show (PDF)
  • Hendrik Lesser elected president of European Game Developer Federation (EGDF)

    Hendrik Lesser, the representative of the German developer association GAME, has been elected president of EGDF. Hendrik Lesser is Managing Director of rcp, a successful serial entrepreneur and game developer from Munich, Germany. The former president Guillaume de Fondaumieré representative of the French association SNJV continues as the vice-president of EGDF.

    Show (PDF)
  • Get global: remote control productions expands into Finland

    Munich-based production house founds Finnish subsidiary through a joint venture.

    Show (PDF)
  • remote control productions recruits industry veteran Markus Wilding

    2K’s International PR Director changes team and joins rcp as Communications Director.

    Show (PDF)
  • Chimera Entertainment and Deep Silver FISHLABS team up to develop AAA Mobile Game

    Agreement concluded regarding the development and marketing of a high-end mobile game.

    Show (PDF)
  • e-sports revolution HYDRA: Registration is live!

    Innovative eSports platform HYDRA combines eSports with real winnings.

    Show (PDF)
  • Son of Nor out! The world is your weapon!

    stillalive studios’ coop terraforming game „Son of Nor“ out now on Steam.

    Show (PDF)
  • Know more! The Making Of Angry Birds Epic

    PocketGamer.biz: „Triple-A branding an indie game concept“

    Show (PDF)
  • Mystery of Neuschwanstein released.

    Chimera Entertainment's mystery adventure for PC, Android™ and iOS® out now!

    Show (PDF)
  • New developer joins the rcp family

    NeoBird is now part of the remote control productions (rcp) developer family

    Show (PDF)
  • Angry Brids Epic PvP Update: Bird versus Bird

    New PvP mode for Chimera Entertainments "Angry Birds Epic" is going live today.

    Show (PDF)
  • New Job Platform for Game Developers

    remote control productions creates central job platform for the rcp developer family.

    Show (PDF)
  • Lesser elected as EGDF vice-president.

    Guillaume de Fondaumiere re-elected president of the EGDF, Hendrik Lesser is vice-president.

    Show (PDF)
  • Bloodstroke hits the Chinese Android Market

    John Woo, Moonshark, Chillingo and Chimera team up to thrill the Chinese Market.

    Show (PDF)
  • Ravensburger Puzzle is a success throughout Europe

    The jigsaw puzzle app co-developed by Wolpertinger delights European puzzle fans.

    Show (PDF)
  • New Gamification Conference in Munich, October 18th

    RCP and Engaginglab collectively host the GamifyConference at the Medientage Munich.

    Show (PDF)
  • Speedpitching Contest at RESPAWN Conference

    Remote control productions will held a Speedpitching Contest at RESPAWN Conference.

    Show (PDF)
  • Hendrik Lesser is EGDF boardmember

    remote control production's MD has been elected to the board of the European Game Developer Federation.

    Show (PDF)
  • "Son Of Nor" gets funded on Kickstarter

    stillalive studios celebrates the success of their Kickstarter campaign for their action-adventure "Son of Nor".

    Show (PDF)
  • RCP Family & Friends Newsletter 1st Half of 2013

    "Son of Nor" on Kickstarter / / 1 million downloads for Rally The World / / Sidekick Cycle: Charity Meets Gaming

    Show (PDF)
  • Word Wonders wins German Computer Game Award

    Chimeras Entertainments word puzzle RPG wins Germany's most important Award.

    Show (PDF)
  • Word Wonders takes over the mobile gaming world

    GamesInFlames announces the release of "Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel" for iOS.

    Show (PDF)
  • rcp brings German mobile games with The9 to China

    remote control productions and dreamfab publishes "Happy Hills" and "Demolition Dash" with The9 in China.

    Show (PDF)


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