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We take action with sustainability in mind. In a hit-driven industry where technological and business upheaval is the norm, we build value with a long-term horizon.



We have a non-Aggressive Authentic Attitude. We bring our true self to work wholly, while showing some love to everyone we work with.



We believe the greatest achievements in our industry come when passion meets mastery. There can be no fun without craftsmanship and no craftsmanship without fun. That's why we belief in professional nerdism.



To be more than the sum of our parts, we pull together and create opportunities that allow us, our studios and our partners to prosper.

About us
RCP Team


...an independent, international active production house which focuses on mediation, development and production of entertainment software.


...Europe's biggest developer family with extensive experience and a wide range of contacts, providing an important interface between developers, publishers, distributors and investors.


...significant services in the core competences of business development, production, sales, creative services and research all of which play a vital role in the development of our projects.


...in young, talented teams and startups. Here we execute strategic advice along with operational tasks to ensure success.

Our Services

Business Development

Assisting with company foundations and financing

Advice on structure, strategy and synergy

Structuring, organizing and planning teams

Assisting in company formation and financing

Management of external experts (legal, finance,etc.)

Creative Services

Creation, evaluation and revisioning of Game Design

Translation, enhancing and proofreading of texts

Researching and developing story and setting

Art Direction und visual conception

Interface and interaction design

Research & Analytics

Analyzing Market-Trends

Forecasting Sales

Evaluation of target groups

Market and feasibility studies

Collecting, processing and analyzing market data


Executive producing / producing / project management

Functioning as a communication and control interface

Performing independent due diligences

Evaluation, mediation and management of outsourcing partners

Preparation and review of plans for milestones, projects and resources

Buildup, integration and optimization of QA

Marketing & PR

Branding, brand management and rebranding

Development of PR and marketing strategies

Design and production of video-trailers

Organization support of conferences and trade show appearances


Pitching and presenting projects

Brokering work-for-hire projects

Budgeting and planning projects

Mediation between licensors and production partners

Evaluation and revisioning of pitching material

50+ Satisfied Clients.

12K+ Working Days.

26K+ Mugs of Coffee.

The rcp family

As a customer of remote control productions you have at your disposal a national and international network in the game industry, from producing, consulting, developing, planning, financing through to realization.

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Chimera Entertainment

Chimera Entertainment

is an independent development studio for digital entertainment software focusing on mobile games, online games and cross platform development. “Angry Birds Epic”, released in June 2014, is Chimera Entertainment’s biggest international success to date with more than 120 million downloads worldwide. Awarded with the LARA Startup Award back in 2007, Chimera now employs more than 50 people in the heart of Munich and is the largest team within the developer family of production house remote control productions. Since Chimera Entertainment was formed in 2006, the studio has developed more than 20 games across five platforms, including “Angry Birds Epic”, ”John Woo’s Bloodstroke”, “Demolition Dash” (winner of the German Developer Award 2011) and the RPG word-puzzle game ”Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel”, winner of the German Computer Games Awards 2013 (Best Mobile Game).In 2017, Angry Birds Evolution was released for iOS and Android in collaboration with Rovio Entertainment.




from Tampere, Finland is a talented 10-person indie studio driven by community focused game development. They recently achieved full cross platform with their long-seller Stardust Galaxy Warriors - launched in 2015 for PC and 2016 for console - that is now announced to come to the Nintendo Switch with the help of publisher Aksys Games.


Giant Gun Games

Giant Gun Games

Giant Gun Games is a young game development studio. The team is a mix of veterans and juniors and together they worked on several prototypes. The studio was founded in July 2018 by Sascha Henrichs. Currently the team consists of 9 members and they are actively working on Maze Slaughter, a rogue-like first person shooter.


Frag Games

Frag Games

Founded in 2013, FRAG is a 60 man full-service game studio filled to the brim with mercenaries that love their jobs. They're a close knit team of game designers, artists, quality analysts and engineers that represent the best talent their country has to offer, which they're willing to bet can compete with the best you've seen. And they're just getting started.


it matters Games

it Matters Games

is a game development studio based in Berlin that was founded in October 2011 by Jens Kortboyer and Hendrik Lesser. Goal of the studio is to develop interactive entertainment software with a focus on games with serious topics. Complex educational or ecological issues will be playfully and interactively presented to gamers. In addition to developing its own IPs, iMG implements work for hire. Since its foundation, it Matters Games developed several games for high-profile clients, such as »My Dolphin Show« for Spil Games and »Sidekick Cyle«, a one-touch downhill racer that mixes gaming with charity for the company Global Gaming Initiative. In the following years, iMG released the racing game »GTS Driver« for the client Porsche AG and two mobile games vor Hamburg based Publisher Tivola, "DogHotel" and "CatHotel". It Matters Games is primarily active on iOS and Android devices and is currently working on "Caravan", their first PC game.


Redox Interactive

Redox Interactive

is an independent game development studio from Austria, in the very heart of Europe. The company was founded in 2014 and consists of talented people in the professions of Art, Code, Management and QA. Our passion for creating handcrafted game experiences and the gaming culture is backed by a professional, reliable attitude: we started the company out of our studies at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and we have a state of the art academic background in game theory, game design, game development and gamification.



Rockodile Games

Rockodile is a young and innovative game development studio with a passion for cross-platform PC and mobile development as well as additional expertise in physics and multiplayer games. Founded in 2013, the studio has nevertheless already released four games, key among them the indie hit "Lowglow", an audiovisual puzzle game.


Stillalive Studios

stillalive studios

stillalive studios is an internationally respected team of talented devs, focused on technically ambitious simulation, management, and strategy games. Founded in 2010, the growing team has created owned IPs like Drone Swarm and Rescue HQ, as well as it works on franchises like Bus Simulator. Five years ago, the studio released the Kickstarter backed action-adventure Son of Nor. stillalive is equally embracing gameplay and technological challenges, developing with Unity and Unreal Engine.



Wolpertinger Games

was founded by Sebastian Bender and remote control productions in 2010. The team already formed in 2009 at university – developing an early prototype of the innovative 1st-person puzzle platformer Phobos. Wolpertinger Games has the vision of creating games based on highly sophisticated, polished and fun gameplay mechanics. Versatility and flexibility are two of the core values. Working with cutting-edge technology, utilizing agile development and a sound approach to various platforms are basis for the focus on creating fun gameplay for the right audience. These principles are also applied to projects not only meant purely for entertainment. The team also creates fun games for advertisement, information or education purposes. From 2010 to 2012, Wolpertinger Games developed and published two Xbox® LIVE Indie Games, »Quizocalypse« and »Poopocalypse«, worked on two unreleased PlayStation 3 titles, developed the iOS games »Kwizzer« and in cooperation with Chimera Entertainment the mobile game »John Woo’s Bloodstroke«. Wolpertinger Games also lead the development of the Ravensburger signature project for iOS and soon-to-come Android devices »Ravensburger Puzzle«. For over 100 years, Ravensburger has been known as the European market leader for its high-quality puzzles. »Ravensburger Puzzle« unites the traditions and experiences from the physical world of puzzles with the advantages and opportunities of digital media.




creates interactive media experiences that entertain, challenge and inspire. The development studio, located in Ludwigsburgs, focuses on the development of games and apps for iOS and the web, complimented with their specialist expertise in creating complex story worlds and transmedia concepts. The team bundles many years of experience in game development, programming, media conception, story development and art. Zeitland team members speak and present at conventions such as the fmx, quo vadis and perform workshops for Apps, Games and media concepts.


RCP companies and subsidiaries

remote control productions finland

remote control productions finland

Newly founded in 2016, remote control productions Finland is supported by a board of experienced professionals who have built a large network of professional partners and friends in Finland, including a strong existing business relationship with Rovio Entertainment.


remote control productions scotland

remote control productions scotland

Since early 2020, remote control productions supports developers in Scotland with a video game Strike Force. A team of video game creatives, spanning production, finance, legal, HR and sales game industry veterans that will help your team identify its strengths and grow them.


attract mode

attract mode

is a boutique marketing agency tailored to the needs of the video games industry and equipped with experienced manpower. They combine their love for games with their passion for digital marketing. They follow a community-driven marketing approach to deliver outstanding performances for our clients.




is an independent, digital-only publisher for all significant platforms. We are gamers and a team of games industry veterans with great expertise in Production, Product Management, Marketing/PR, User Acquisition, Community Management and Monetization. We love games with a twist and assist developers during all production processes, starting from the initial concept phase through launch and live phase. As a member of the remote control family which is home to a suite of developers we understand their needs and are able to assist during all production steps.


Gamify now!

Gamify now

is a subsidiary of remote control productions (rcp) and part of the rcp family, which is Europe’s major independent games developer family. Gamify now specializes in serious games, game based learning and gamification. The use of game design, such as the monetization of games, allows Gamify now to increase the profits, efficieny and costumer loyality as well as employee engagement of any type of business or organization.


Games and Clients

The remote control productions GmbH has implemented numerous projects for their customers. The following excerpt provides an overview of the upcoming, current and past projects as well as the clients of rcp.

Upcoming Games

One of 500

Client: tba
Team: Lightword Productions

3rd-person story-adventure where players experience the events and meaning of the Gospels. Discover the meticulously recreated world of 1st century Israel and shape your own personal, morally and spiritually challenging journey.

Life in Willowdale

Client: Mindscape, Just For Games
Team: FRAG Games

The once thriving community of Willowdale is in ruins, as the mayor’s daughter Penny is turning the town into a tourist trap, driving away the animals and upsetting the balance of nature. Join the villagers of Willowdale on a mission to save their town!

Puppies & Kittens

Kunde: Microids
Team: it Matters Games

Your small furry friends need you and your love to grow up and flourish. Adopt adorable puppies and kittens and take care of them like real ones through various mini-games and activities. Pet them, feed them, play with them, take them out for a walk or teach them tricks.

Realms at War

Client: -
Team: Chimera Entertainment

Realms at War marks Chimera's return to PC game development. The turn-based strategy game will feature an Art Nouveau-Style and has been rewarded with a prototype funding by the FFF in early 2019.

Latest Games

Bus Simulator 21

Client: astragon Entertainment
Team: stillalive studios

Have your driver's license ready! The latest installment of the successful Bus Simulator series leads you to 2 open world cities either in the USA or Europe on PC and consoles.


Client: Feardemic Games
Team: Dreamloop Games

Dreamloop Games ported the award-winning DARQ as Complete Edition for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch.

Grand Casino Tycoon

Client: Aerosoft
Team: stillalive studios

Design stunning casinos, host spectacular nights and manage your demanding guests. Pick the right strategy and manipulate your guests as you architect yourself to the top!

bayala Einhorn-Abenteuer

Client: Blue Ocean Entertainment
Team: Zeitland

Watch out, it's about to get magical! Jump into a magical adventure with your very own unicorn! Experience the world of Bayala, full of enchanting areas and exciting tasks!

layers of Fear 2

Client: Bloober Team
Team: Dreamloop Games

A sequel to the critically acclaimed horror phenomenon, Layers of Fear 2 is a first-person psychological horror game brought to Nintendo Switch by our porting experts from Dreamloop.

Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs

Client: Microids
Team: it Matters Games

Care for sick animals in your clinic. Discover the veterinary profession and help cats and dogs that need you. In this single-player game you master dozens of treatments to cure animals: X-rays, bandages, a stethoscope, preparing medicine…

Stardust Galaxy Warriors

Client: Aksys
Team: Dreamloop

NOW ON THE NINTENDO SWITCH! Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is a fast-paced 1-4 player couch co-op action shooter, combining SHMUP/Brawler gameplay with RPG elements. Soar through space, defeat evil & save the future...

StorYour Mr. President

Client: tba
Team: FRAG Games

Mr. President is a narrative sim that puts you in the shoes of Eagletopia’s head of state. Play through darkly satirical scenarios and make decisions. The fate of your presidency lingers in the fine balance. Can you maintain it?

All our games


Bus Simulator 21

System: PC | Team: stillalive | Client: astragon Entertainment

Layers of Fear 2 (Switch Port)

System: NSW | Team: Dreamloop | Client: Bloober Team


System: PS4,PS5,XBX,XBO,NSW | Team: Dreamloop | Client: Feardemic Games

Grand Casino Tycoon

System: PC | Team: stillalive | Client: Aerosoft

Drone Swarm

System: PC | Team: stillalive | Client: astragon Entertainment

Cobra Kai

System: Browser | Team: FRAG | Client: Sony

My Universe: Puppies and Kittens

System: Switch, PS4/5, PC/Mac | Team: It Matters Games | Client: Microids

My Universe: Doctors and Nurses

System: Switch, PS4/5, PC/Mac | Team: It Matters Games | Client: Microids


Wings - New cases for the Super Wings Team

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Client: Toggolino

Pari Kids App

System: iOS/Android | Team: Zeitland | Client: Pari

Drone Swarm

System: PC | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: astragon Entertainment

Moons of Madness (Port)

System: Port to PS4, Xbox One | Team: Dreamloop Games | Publisher: Funcom

Super Simple Stuff Covid App

System: Browser | Team: Wolpertinger Games | Publisher: Wolpertinger Games, Gamify Now!

Rescue HQ Coastguard DLC

System: PC | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: Aerosoft

Gigantosaurus - 2D runner

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Alvin Soccer Game

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Woodie Hoo Animal Tracks

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Woodie Hoo Animal Rescue

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Baby born - Badewanne

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL



System: PC | Team: Wolpertinger | Publisher: RTL2

Barbies Dream House

System: PC | Team: Redox Games Labs | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Das Boot - VR Escape

System: location-based VR | Team: RCP / Aesir Interactive | Publisher: Hologate

Bibi & Tina: Riding Vacation

System: iOS/Android | Team: Zeitland | Publisher: Blue Ocean Entertainment

Bus Simulator

System: PS4, XBOX | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: astragon Entertainment

Rescue HQ - The Tycoon

System: PC | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH

Das Boot - VR Demise

System: Vive | Team: Aesir Interactive | Publisher: U-Boot UG

Ostwind - Aris Ankunft

System: PC, PS4, Switch | Team: Aesir Interactive | Publisher: EuroVideo/Wild River

WoodieHoo Pirates

System: iOS, Android | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: SUPER RTL

Horse Club

System: iOS, Android | Team: Zeitland | Publisher: Blue Ocean / Schleich GmbH


Pretzel Land

System: iOS, Android | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: Wild River Games

Bear With Me

System: PC | Team: Exordium | Publisher: Exordium

Parker & Lane: Criminal Justice

System: PC | Team: Big Blue Studios | Publisher: GameHouse

Violence of Reality

System: Browser | Team: Redox Interactive | Publisher: UNICEF

Bus Simulator 18

System: PC | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: astragon Entertainment

Playmobil The Exporers

System: iOS, Android | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: PLAMOBIL


System: PC | Team: JoyImpact | Publisher: GAMESinFLAMES



System: iOS, Android | Team: itmatters Games | Publisher: Tivola

Angry Birds Evolution

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Rovio Entertainment


System: PC, PS4, Switch | Team: Aesir Interactive | Publisher: EuroVideo


System: iOS, Android | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: Tivola

Knights of Valour

System: PlayStation4 | Team: IGS | Publisher: GAMESinFLAMES


Burg Schreckenstein

System: iOS, Android | Team: Doublesmith | Publisher: GAMESinFLAMES


System: PC | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Sacred Legends

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Deep Silver/Fishlabs

Bus Simulator 16

System: PC, Mac | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: astragon Entertainment


System: iOS, Android | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: Tivola

Granny's finest pot

System: Android | Team: Redox Interactive


Impossible Super Ninja

System: iOS, Android | Team: Doublesmith | Publisher: Thumbspire

Son of Nor

System: PC, Mac, Linux | Team: stillalive studios | Publisher: Viva Media


System: iOS, Android | Team: it Matters Games | Publisher: Tivola

Mystery of Neuschwanstein

System: iOS, Android, PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: astragon Entertainment


Aktiv mit MS

System: iOS | Team: Zeitland, Wolpertinger Games | Publisher: Teva GmbH

Bernd das Brot und die Unmöglichen

System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment, Bumm Game | Publisher: deepsilver

ratiopharm Gute Reise

System: iOS | Team: TG Nord | Publisher: ratiopharm

ONE TEVA (internal)

System: iOS, Android | Team: Zeitland | Publisher: TEVA GmbH

Angry Birds Epic

System: iOS, Android, WP8 | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

Crash! UFO

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: DeNA

netwars – The Butterfly Attack - Episode 1

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Filmtank / Bastei Luebbe

GTS Driver

System: Browser | Team: it Matters Games| Publisher: Porsche AG

Aloha Paradise Hotel

System: Browser | Team: TG Nord | Publisher: TG Nord

John Woo's Bloodstroke

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Ent. | Publisher: Moonshark/Chillingo


Sidekick Cycle

System: iOS | Team: itMatters Games | Publisher: GGI

Happy Hills 2

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: dreamfab

My Dolphin Show

System: iOS, Android | Team: itMatters Games | Publisher: Spil Games


System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Brigit Stock

Sheep Shack

System: iOS | Team: Brightside Games | Publisher: Just A Game

Rally the World

System: iOS, Android, Browser | Team: Brightside | Publisher: Aperto/VW

Warstory Europe

System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: RNTS


Happy Hills

System: iOS, Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: The9, China

Towers & Dungeons

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Ravensburger Digital

Sara's Cooking Class

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Spil Games

Demolition Dash

System: Android | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: The9,China

Word Wonders Revolution

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: GamesinFlames

Word Wonders

System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Dreamfab


System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Gamesinflames

Mission: Genesis

System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: dtp interactive


Happy Hills

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher:dreamfab

Demolition Dash

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: dreamfab


System: XBLA | Team: Brightside Games | Publisher: Ubisoft


Greed: Black Border

System: PC | Team: Clockstone | Publisher:Headup Games


System: Browser | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Bigpoint

Memory HD

System: iPad | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Ravensburger Digital


System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher: Ravensburger Digital


Ion Assault

System: XBLA | Team: Coreplay | Publisher:RTL Interactive

Wiesn Fieber

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment

Farm Fieber

System: iOS | Team: Chimera Entertainment



System: PC | Team: Chimera Entertainment | Publisher:dtp interactive

Customers of remote control productions

publishing partners of the rcp network & friends

Press & Contact

Current Press Releases

Join the RCP-Mailing List for Press Releases: REGISTER

  • Chimera Entertainment and Netflix announce Shadow and Bone: Destinies Mobile Game

    Chimera Entertainment and Netflix have joined forces to develop a mobile game for the Netflix hit fantasy TV series Shadow and Bone, which is based on the best-selling books by Leigh Bardugo.

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  • RCP Family grows to more than 350 talented people

    The RCP Family has exceeded the headcount of 350 people in 2022. The international talent pool has reached a new level in size and diversity, representing 12 game development studios across six countries, a gamification unit, and a boutique digital marketing agency.

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  • The Gospel and the Game: ONE of 500 announced

    Lightword Productions and remote control productions (RCP) announced that the companies are teaming up to create ONE of 500. The game is at an early stage of development, with the most impactful story retold at the core of the project: the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

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  • stillalive studios appoints new executives to set studio up for future growth

    stillalive studios announced the appointment of Hendrik Lesser and Christian Kleissl as two new senior staff members to the studio’s management, bringing new depth and experience to the senior management team and helping to secure the future growth of the company.

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  • Dreamloop Games to bring DARQ to current and next-gen consoles

    Finnish game development studio Dreamloop Games and game publisher Feardemic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bloober Team SA, are pleased to announce a partnership that will bring Unfold Games' award-winning and critically acclaimed, surrealist, puzzle-platformer DARQ to current and next-generation consoles with a new title: DARQ Complete Edition.

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  • Hendrik Lesser has been re-elected as president of the European Game Developers Federation

    Hendrik Lesser, the representative of the German developer association GAME in EGDF and a successful entrepreneur and game developer from Munich, Germany, had been re-elected by EGDF members to continue his role as EDGF President. His production company, remote control productions unites Europe's biggest developer family with extensive experience and a wide range of contacts, providing an essential interface between developers, publishers, distributors, and investors.

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  • Two new development studios join the RCP family

    remote control productions (RCP) welcomes Giant Gun Games and Frag Games to their international roster of studios, expanding to South-Asia for the first time. RCP will represent both teams in their Business Development efforts and provide their expertise for Game Production, Finance management, HR, and Marketing.

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  • RCP Scotland is launched

    New subsidiary of remote control productions appoints Mark Lloyd as Managing Director and starts operations. With the region's history in game development, the currently established studios, and especially with the great educational ecosystem, the region is healthy and is the right breeding ground for new game developers.

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  • Power up for rcp's international dev forces

    remote control productions is continuing its international expansion. We are thrilled to announce that two new game developer studios have joined the ever-expanding rcp family as official members: Dreamloop Games from Finland and Big Blue Studios from Romania. At Europe's biggest developer family, we're now boosting 14 developer studios as well as our supporting companies for gamification, publishing and digital marketing, who altogether shipped over 120 games so far.

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  • Matthias Wehner and remote control productions launch digital marketing agency

    rcp continues to expand its business fields and, together with industry veteran Matthias Wehner launch attract mode, a boutique digital marketing agency focused on the video games industry. With Matthias Wehner as Managing Director of attract mode, rcp combines its own experience of over 13 years of working with development studios and Wehner's international marketing know how.

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  • Former Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Blue Byte starts as new Head of Game Design

    Chimera Entertainment continues its quest for key hires to reinforce the team for their upcoming projects. Earlier this month, game design veteran Sebastian Bombera joined Chimera as their new Head of Game Design. Coming from Ubisoft Blue Byte, he brings more than 13 years of experience to the studio.

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  • EGDF Spring General Assebly 2018 takes place at Reboot Develop conference

    The European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) today announced that their official Spring General Assembly will take place at the Reboot Develop conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The EGDF is the voice of European game developers in politics. With more than ten years of experience and uniting over 1,600 studios through its member associations, it promotes the cause of the entire industry as a whole.

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  • More Finnish forces for rcp

    rcp continues to strengthen its team with more Finnish forces. In the newly created role of Operations Director, Juha Matikainen from Helsinki will not only bring more Finnish energy to rcp's Munich headquarters, but a backpack full of supreme skills as well.

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  • Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie Invades Angry Birds Evolution

    Run to the Hills as Rovio Entertainment, the creators of the international phenomenon Angry Birds pays tribute to heavy metal legends, Iron Maiden, with an epic Halloween collaboration in Angry Birds Evolution.
    As one of the most recognisable figures in the world of metal, Eddie, the iconic mascot of Iron Maiden, will be a special playable character as “Eddie the Bird” in Angry Birds Evolution this Halloween season.

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    Chimera Entertainment and Rovio, the creator of the legendary Angry Birds, the game that put mobile gaming on the map and spawned more brand extensions than stars in the sky, is thrilled to present Angry Birds Evolution - a completely new spin on the worldwide smash-hit brand.

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  • Knights of Valour out now for PlayStation 4

    Arcade never dies… and returns to Europe and Australia today! Knights of Valour, the side-scrolling, stage-based beat 'em up for up to four players is now available for download on the PlayStation®4 system in Europe and Australia. Based on the popular arcade game, players assume the role of one of seven different characters, each with a set of unique skills and different playstyles to fit individual preferences.

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  • remote control productions expands to Romania

    remote control productions (rcp) announced today that it opened its second international subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania. rcp romania is headed up by Bogdan Oprescu, a Romanian games industry veteran with more than a decade of experience.

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  • remote control productions partners with Aruba Events

    remote control productions (rcp) today announced their strategic partnership agreement with one of Europe's hot spots for games professionals: QUO VADIS Game Developers Conference. rcp will deliver dedicated speaker slots and extensively support Arubas communication efforts.

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  • remote control productions partners with Reboot Develop

    remote control productions (rcp) today announced a strategic partnership agreement with premier European games conference Reboot Develop. The cooperation involves both strategic support from rcp to assist the further growth of the conference as well as rcp presenting on stage and providing jury members of the popular Reboot Indie and Student Awards.

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  • Kalle Kaivola joins remote control productions

    rcp continues to strengthen their senior management team and is very pleased to announce the appointment of Kalle Kaivola for the newly created role of COO. The former Senior Executive at Next Games and Rovio Entertainment will serve as a member of the executive leadership team at rcp together with CEO Hendrik Lesser and CFO Christian Kleissl.

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  • GAMESinFLAMES Announces Knights of Valour for PlayStation 4

    Arcade never dies! Publisher GAMESinFLAMES today announced that Knights of Valour, a side-scrolling, stage-based beat 'em up for up to four players by arcade game veterans International Games System Corp. (IGS) is coming to the PlayStation®4 system in Europe and Australia this February. Available for free from the PlayStation Store, Knights of Valour is based on the popular arcade game.

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  • Crush Online Enters Season 2

    GAMESinFLAMES announced today that the F2P MMO Crush Online is seeing big changes and updates going into its second season. More than 40 brand new items in the game create a lot more diversity and incentive to experiment with different gear sets.

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  • Florensia now available on Steam

    GAMESinFLAMES announced today that the successful browser-based MMO Florensia in now finally available on Steam. The free-to-play MMORPG Florensia is set on and around the sea. Players start out as Explorer, Mercenary, Noble, or Saint, and take part in various maritime activities such as building their own ships, fishing, and even large scale guild versus guild naval battles.

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  • Crush Online now available

    GAMESinFLAMES announced today that Crush Online, the F2P MMO developed by JoyImpact is now available.Crush Online is a Client-based PVP MMO offering MOBA-style combat in a persistent world. Crush Online is F2P with optional in-game purchases and available in English, French, German, Polish and Turkish.

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  • Two Finnish developers join remote control productions

    The international expansion of remote control productions is picking up steam: just six months after founding their first international subsidiary run by Finnish industry veteran Jyri Partanen, the first two Finnish game developers are joining the ever-expanding developer family: Rockodile from Turku and Mental Moustache, based in Joensuu.

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  • New trailer and website for Drone Swarm

    stillalive studios is going to present the latest version of the indie game Drone Swarm exclusively at this year's gamescom, Germany.

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  • GAMESinFLAMES conquers Castle Schreckenstein

    The many fans of the book series can now not only look forward to the film version, but also to the game!

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  • Happy Birthday, Angry Birds Epic!

    „Angry Birds Epic“ was released in 2014 and is the most successful product in our family. Interesting facts and figures can be found in the infographic published today.

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  • Five new employees at remote control productions

    remote control productions keeps on growing: Wolfgang Stindl, Stefan Wehler and Jürgen Kayser bolster the productionhouse in three core business areas.

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  • GAMESinFLAMES announces Crush Online

    Publisher GAMESinFLAMES is working with the experienced Korean developer JoyImpact on a client-based MMO with a strong focus on PVP battles featuring MOBA-style combat.

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  • Sky Sharks attack App-Stores

    remote control productions secured the exclusive rights to develop the official game for the Nazizombiehorrorsharkploitation-movie Sky Sharks.

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  • Florensia celebrates first anniversary

    One year ago, the client-based online MMORPG Florensia was successfully relaunched internationally. Since then, the user base has quintupled!

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  • CatHotel conquers App Stores

    Since the global release on January 14th "CatHotel" by itmatters Games has been downloaded more than 700,000 times from the app stores.

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