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Interview with Insomniac’s Game Director Brian Allgeier (video)

Brian Allgeier from Insomniac Games during rcp DevSummit 11

How did game directing change over the years? And what’s the ultimate advice for game directors and creative leaders? We sat down with Insomniac Games’ Brian Allgeier at our DevSummit 11 for an interview and asked him to share his experience and most inspirational moments with us.

We were honored to win the directing veteran for a full-day masterclass and an expert keynote at our Developer Summit. Brian is working in the industry for over 26 years now, was the creative and directing mastermind on projects like the Ratchet & Clank series and VR experience … read all

Posted on July 2018

Why putting Discord at the heart of your community management just became 3 times smarter

As a games marketer I strongly believe that the community can make or break your game. That’s why I’m starting a series on community centered marketing in this blog. I hope it’ll help you grow and manage an engaged community for your project. Oh, btw I’m quite sure that a lot of the insights and how-tos I’m planning to cover, apply to products far beyond games. But for this 1st post I decided to double down on gamer’s darling Discord and why it has become an instrumental platform to build your community on.

1 time smarter: the growth and KPIs of Discord are stunning

Three is the magic number these days when it comes to the beloved chat platform Discord. Earlier this May Discord turned three years old and celebrated a three times bigger audience than just… read all

Posted on May 2018

Why a “Scrum for Video Game Development” Course?

What areas does a Scrum for Video Game Development course cover that others don’t?

Clinton Keith will be holding a certified ScrumMaster course in Munich on August 3rd and 4th

Plenty. Video game development has unique challenges that other industries do not. For example, death-march-crunches are harder to avoid. Mainstream app development can manage crunch by managing technical debt and scope. Video game development has more varieties of debt (art, tech, design, content production) that have to be managed differently. We cannot just cut content production for schedule reasons and ship four hours of single-player gameplay to meet a schedule. This requires a different a… read all

Posted on July 2017

Meet the (rcp) family: Zeitland

Q: Who are you?
Zeitland media & games is a development studio from Ludwigsburg, Germany. As a team, we combine software development, design and conception. We enjoy working on challenging projects for our clients and develop our own ideas.

Q: How did you meet?
Michael and Beren have known each other long before Zeitland. We were working on total conversions of existing games, mainly as a hobby, back in the early 2000s — the “golden age of modding”, as we would put it. Zeitland was originally founded as a creative transmedia studio by graduates from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, later transforming into a full production game and app… read all

Posted on July 2017

Meet the (rcp) family: it Matters Games

In today’s interview, It Matters Games UG studio founder Jens Kortboyer (pictured in the middle) tells us all about their journey founding a studio.

Who are you?
Greetings, we are it Matters Games (iMG), a game development studio based in Berlin, Germany. For more than five years, we have been developing all kinds of games for mobile and PC. 2016 has been our most productive year so far, with five game releases: CatHotel, CatRun, Caravan and two mobile VR titles: CatHotel VR and Salmon Race VR. Our mission is to create games with a touch of real world added value.

How did you meet?
We… read all

Posted on March 2017

Meet the (rcp) family: Rockodile Games

Turku-based Rockodile Games was the first Finnish games studio to join remote control this summer. In this short interview, CEO and co-founder Joni Kuusisto (pictured in the middle) talks about working with rcp and how the studio came together.

Could you quickly introduce your company, please?
We are Rockodile, a team of five like-minded developers out to make their mark in the game industry.

How did you guys meet?
We met through Turku University while studying game development. Most of us had prior experience in our fields and we quickly realized that this could brew something good.

<… read all

Posted on March 2017

Meet the (rcp) family: REDOX Game Labs

In our second entry of “Meet the (rcp) family” we’re introducing one of our Austrian family members, Salzburg-based REDOX Game Labs.

Who are you guys?
Hi! We are REDOX Game Labs, an independent game development studio based in Salzburg, right on the edge of the Austrian alps.

How did you (the core team back then) meet?
Back in 2014 we all finished our studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg in the Multimedia Art and Multimedia Technology degree programs. Together with other colleagues we developed a third-person multiplayer game named “Noomix” as our final project,… read all

Posted on March 2017

Speed Is Key! Increasing Your Website‘s Performance

Building a performant website means first and foremost building a fast loading page. Not so much for SEO reasons, but for a neat user experience. It’s quite simple: Visitors won’t churn as much if they see things right away. I will shed some light on my approach on how to get all the browsers out there to load pages faster.

It’s a well-known fact: Making your website faster will increase your clients’ conversion. The ranking will go up, the page views might explode. The bounce rate will go down. All major outlets like Google, Yahoo, Netflix spend weeks testing these results. It’s true.

People are considering anything under 0.1secs/100ms as instantaneous. Your website‘s loading time won’t be that fast due to our dated DNS Lookup system and TCP protocol. But 1 s… read all

Posted on March 2017

3 lessons learned at Steam DevDays

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse back in Oct 2016)

Last week I’ve had the pleasure to attend Steam Dev Days, Valve’s gathering of their worldwide developer and publisher community, so I boarded the plane to Seattle with the promise to write a straightforward blog post on Dev Days while sharing meaningful insights and learnings with you at the same time. So being straightforward, I will start on a negative note regarding the opening talks, which surprisingly were quite disappointing. No, I’m not going to join the choir of complaints from fan-boys about Gabe Newell not being on stage this year. I believe in content over personality, but in regards to content I found… read all

Posted on March 2017

Will 2017 mark the Return of the Console Wars?

The mobile market is getting crowded to the point of ridiculousness. According to Pocketgamer, last year 500 games per day were published on the App Store alone. 500 games. Per day. Every day. There are more than 750,000 games available on the App Store at the moment, the vast majority of which are F2P. No wonder indie developers have started to move over (or back to) PC, especially since Steam is allowing almost anybody to publish games on their platform… which has by now also become a major problem. Last year, more than 4,000 games were released on Steam — that’s 40% of all games ever released on the platform!

Don’t worry though, this isn’t yet another blog post… read all

Posted on March 2017


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